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Note the use of MEISEI stripping pliers what

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Note the use of MEISEI stripping pliers what

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Then the MEISEI stripper use matters needing attention which to have?

1, do not use light pliers as hammers, or percussion pliers handle. If this is abused, the pliers will crack and break, and the pliers will collapse.

2, often on the lubrication of the pliers, add lubricating oil on the hinge can extend the service life, but also to ensure the use of labor.

3, do not extend the length of the handle to achieve greater shear force, but the use of larger specifications of pliers or wire cutters.

4, don't put the tongs in the overheated place, otherwise it will cause the annealing and damage the tool.

5, pliers can not be used in nuts and screws, wrench effect will be better, and it is not easy to damage the fastener.

6, ordinary pliers can not cut the piano, unless the special function.

7, note caution warning: the handle of the rubber sleeve is to increase the use of comfort; unless it is a specific insulation handle, otherwise these rubber sheath can not prevent electricity, also can not be used for live working.

8. Cutting with the correct angle, not tapping the handle and clamp head of pliers, or crimping steel wire with pliers.

9, shear wire stripping pliers should wear goggles to protect the eyes.

10, do not use light pliers crimping steel wire, if the tip of the pliers head bent too thick steel wire, pliers will be bad. Solid tools should be used.

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