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Electrical tools use methods such as stripping pliers crimping pliers and so on

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Electrical tools use methods such as stripping pliers crimping pliers and so on

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Multimeter is an indispensable tool for each school power, general multimeter can measure DC current, DC voltage, AC current, AC voltage, resistance and audio level, some parameters can also be measured AC current, capacitance, inductance and semiconductor. It's easy to use, look at the instructions will be.          

Electric iron, electronic and electrical maintenance will make tools, the main purpose is to machine components and lines, according to the structure can be divided into internal and external heating type electric iron electric iron, can be classified according to the functions and the tin absorbing electric soldering iron with electric soldering iron, according to different purposes is divided into large power electric soldering iron and small power electric iron. The new electric iron filing a soldering iron tip before use, after the power is switched on for a while the iron head color will be changed, that iron heat, then put the tin plating solder wire in the iron tip, the iron is not easy to be oxidized. When soldering iron is used, the temperature of the soldering iron is too low to melt the solder, or the solder joints are not completely melted to make them look bad and unreliable. In addition to control the welding time, electric soldering time is too short to stay, not easy to melt completely, solder contact, formation of weld, welding time is too long and easily damaged components, or the printed circuit board copper foil tilt. Welding components need more practice to succeed. )

There is a suction tool for electrical repair, solder melting removing pads to collect electronic components. The maintenance disassembly requires the use of tin suctioner, especially the large scale integrated circuit, the more difficult the demolition, demolition is not easy to damage the printed circuit board, resulting in unnecessary losses. (1, first put the piston downward pressure to get stuck tin suctioner. 2. Use electric iron to heat the solder joint to the solder melt. 3, remove the iron at the same time, quickly put the tin suctioner Ju paste solder joint, solder sucker and press the button. 4, once suck is not clean, can repeat operation many times. )

For paint stripping pliers electrician, motor repair, electrical instrumentation is one of the commonly used tools, rarely used in electronic production. It consists of knife edge, press mouth and clamp handle. Suitable for plastic stripping pliers, rubber insulated wire using the method is: the thread in the clamp head will be peeling blade, hand pinch clamp handle two, and a loose, and the core wire insulation off.

The clamp is a tool for pressing the crystal head. Mainly used for cable production, electronic production is rarely used.

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